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Valuable Lessons for Teachers Which Needs to be Followed

Mar 9, 2018 4:29:54 PM / by Ridhi Salva Shah

Our country faces many problems. Different governments come and go. Each of these governments tries to solve these key problems in their own way. However, one common thought to solve the big issues of the country is that they all believe that one of the best ways to provide a solution to these problems is by spreading more knowledge among the people. Proper education and guidance is one way through which many problems can be solved in the country. It for this reason becomes extremely crucial that those who get the opportunity to study they get educated properly.

The most essential part of education is the early years. It is during school that the students build their foundation. It is the early years when children develop their skills the quickest. As a result the role of a teacher too is vital during these years. Not everyone has the talent and the temperament to become a successful teacher. There are many people who have a natural flair for connecting and teaching young pupil but they do not get the opportunity for a number of reasons. However, with the advent of teacher training courses online, more number of people can be trained in the right way so that they can go ahead and pass on their knowledge to others.

This article will focus on the need and the importance of teacher training in India.

Prepares them for Challenges

Every passing day the teachers face many challenges in their lives. Proper training for the teachers helps them to deal with these challenges in a positive manner. It is true that a training course will not be able to prepare a person for all the challenges that comes the way of the teacher, but it is true that solving and facing many different situations will make them more confident. In addition to that it also helps to develop their mental toughness and quick thinking which helps them to make the right call in urgent situations.

Keeps Things Interesting

There is such a term called ‘’teacher’s burnout’’. Many a times it has been seen that teachers suffer from mental fatigue after teaching for long durations of time. The stress of teaching on a daily basis and all the additional pressure that comes with it can affect even the strongest of characters. Hence, it is necessary to prepare the aspiring teachers for it. The teacher training courses not only prepare them for it, but they also educate them about the ill effects of teacher’s burnout, while also teaching them about the steps to cope with such circumstances. This can help not only the teachers but also the students.

Result Oriented

In the current education system, results are very important. The parents, the teachers as well as the student define how well they know a subject by the marks that they score. However, in the true sense, the marks should not be the only yardstick. It is important for a teacher to not just chase good marks for the students but also aim for better understanding of the subject by the students. Practices like memorizing lessons without understanding the subject should be avoided. This is where the training course for the teachers comes into play as they ingrain these valuable ethics and skills in all the people who aim to become teachers.

These things are of vital importance for the students and the teachers alike. Hence, it is crucial that all the aspiring teachers are taught these things be it in the teacher training courses online or offline.

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Ridhi Salva Shah

Written by Ridhi Salva Shah

Head -Business Development & Chief Curriculum Head