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Creative & Academic Career options in Kolkata

Aug 3, 2018 11:42:08 AM / by Ridhi Salva Shah




Kolkata, well known for its flourishing art and culture and landmark buildings from the days of the British Empire is a city that is also known to encourage creative and educational professions. For those who are artistically inclined, they can join up in any of the art schools located in the city, while those academically inclined could look up a teacher training centre in Kolkata to strengthen their basics in education and teaching.

If you are looking for a creative and academic career option in Kolkata, then you can consider any of the below-mentioned professions.


1. Fine Arts




Kolkata offers some of the best galleries and institutions in India, to sharpen your painting skills and display your work. Many artists including the great and celebrated artist Rabindranath Tagore used Kolkata to showcase and exhibit their work during their initial days.

The Shantiniketan School started by him, encourages artists to stay with them and develop their skills at their own pace and also exhibit their works at many Indian and International art exhibitions. There are also workshops organised for budding sculptors to hone their fine art skills.


2. Films




The land of Satyajit Ray is also the home of art or parallel cinema as we call it. Many of the artists working in the regional and Hindi film industry have their roots in Kolkata and have worked there at some point in their lifetime. The FTII, India’s premier film institute also has a centre there that offers both short-term and long-term courses in all the departments of filmmaking for those interested in making a career in films.


3. Education

Apart from traditional and local schools, many international schools too have set up their base in Kolkata. Not only do they offer an international curriculum, but also world class facilities and infrastructure which have made them the preferred education destination for today’s children.




This growth in education is leading to a huge demand for professionally trained and well qualified teachers at all levels, leading to better prospects and remuneration for those who are interested in taking up teaching as a profession.


4. Culinary Arts




If there’s something the people of Kolkata like more than art and films, then it is food. Famous for its Bengali cuisine, Kolkata is home to many restaurants that serve the best of local specialities and also international ones. Thanks to the latest developments in the city and the growth of malls and shopping centres as meeting places, the restaurant industry too is seeing a boom.

People are willing to experience and pay for the best dining experiences, leading to a growth in the number of restaurants opening-up and food entrepreneurs. You can consider the same as a profession if you are confident of your cooking and hospitality skills.


5. Sports

Kolkata is considered one of the main sporting centres in India due to its contribution in terms of quality players for both cricket and football at the National level. Be it players, managers or administrators there have been representations from Kolkata at all levels of the games making it an ideal career choice for those inclined towards sports.




The introduction of the various sporting leagues too has led the boom in demand for professionals making it an ideal career choice in all roles be it marketing or administration.

Whatever your choice, you can find all options from art institutions to a teacher training centre In Kolkata that will help you build your career in the field you want. 


Does the above mentioned career options interest you? Let us know in the comments below.

Ridhi Salva Shah

Written by Ridhi Salva Shah

Head -Business Development & Chief Curriculum Head