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7 Qualities that make you a Good Teacher

Aug 3, 2018 12:13:01 PM / by Usha Vasudevan


teachers and students


When we look back at our school years, most of us have that one favourite teacher who has left a deep impression on our lives with their exceptional teaching skills. Perhaps, it was this teacher who was the inspiration to become a teacher ourselves. But, as teachers have we been able to receive the same level of admiration from our students? Most of us will probably say NO. 


So, what makes a good teacher who is a role model for students?


There are many ways you can prepare for your responsibilities as a teacher, such as:


  • Taking a teacher training course online that helps enhance your skills.
  • Gaining experience in handling, managing and guiding children by teaching pre-primary and primary school children.


What are the Strengths of a Good Teacher?

We have compiled a list of 7 tips that will definitely help you enhance your teaching skills.


What are the Strengths of a Good Teacher?

We have compiled a list of 7 tips that will definitely help you enhance your teaching skills.


1. Good teachers are knowledgeable



No one likes a teacher who can’t answer questions, as teachers are supposed to know everything. So brush up on your general knowledge every day and be aware of the current issues  in politics, sports, movies or the life of celebrities to keep you pepped and ready for any question  student may ask. Being prepared and knowledgeable about your subject is the key to being a great and effective teacher who is respected by her students and fraternity alike.

Some ways to be news- savvy:

  • Reading newspapers,
  • Surfing the internet,
  • Being a part of social and business platforms and group 


2. Patience is the key to a great teacher


Its human to commit mistakes or forget things, so don’t be too harsh on your students when they fail or forget things. Everyone has his own learning pace, so help your students recognize his or her talent and see them grow. You also need to be patient with their attitude, school attire and even manners even if they may seem wrong to you sometimes.





In such situations, just remember that you too were their age once and made the same mistakes but turned out well in the long run, so give them a break too.



3. Teachers need to have good communication skills




Every child is different. While some may understand easily what you are teaching, some may not be able to understand you easily. Hence, communication skills are greatly important for teachers. Speak slowly and clearly, so that your students can understand what you say follow you. Your handwriting needs to be legible to avoid misinterpretation causing confusion and errors among the students.

But the most important skill, indeed a rare quality is the art of listening patiently and attentively to understand their problems and provide a solution.



4. A teacher should always be fair and impartial


teachers and students


It’s very important that you treat all children equally and fairly so that they all feel respected and loved. We all have favourites and you may feel closer to or like certain students, but don’t shower them with too much attention and love as it will make the other children jealous, leading to unpleasant situations.



5. Teachers should practice different methods of teaching


methods of teaching

Don’t be afraid to experiment with innovative styles of teaching. Students tend to lose attention when the teacher is repetitive or dull. It is important to keep your students engaged throughout the lecture. Make use of various resources, such as:

  • Books
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Presentations
  • Hands-on activities
  • Speeches
  • Guest lectures
  • Quiz and everything that will help your students absorb the subject matter.

You are the teacher and you know your class better so choose a medium that’s likely to work best.



6. Teachers should set a good example for students

What do movies such as the Dead poet’s society, Karate kid and Freedom writers have in common? An inspirational teacher.



good teachers


Your students should be able to look up to you and learn good things. As a teacher, always practice what you preach. If you display a positive behavior in front of your students, they are likely to seek inspiration from there.



7. Good teachers believe in their students


All students are not going to possess the same level of sharpness and focus. You, as a teacher, should not lose hope in your students. Don't begin to ignore a student on the grounds that they are always disinterested. Talk to them and pay extra attention towards such students. Find out what it is exactly what they find difficult about the subject. You may have to put in extra efforts for these students but with the right guidance, they can also excel.





Being a teacher is a very important and is well respected in society, so you need to ensure you are well prepared for it.  Enrolling in an online professional development courses from the comfort of your home to improve your skills saves time and effort while providing you with certification.


Did we miss something? As a teacher, what do you think are the other characteristics that make for a great teaching-learning experience? Let us know in the comments below.




Usha Vasudevan

Written by Usha Vasudevan